Vonage Rocks

I use Vonage. You know, the VOIP service that runs about $25.00 a month. Most VOIP services from cable internet providers are about $39.00 a month. It saddens me to see Verizon attack them over a patent dispute. Let me get this straight. Verizion has some technology that Vonage has stolen or infringed on somehow. I have never seen a Verizion VOIP service offering in my area that compares to Vonage. Am I missing something or is it clear the phone companies DO NOT CARE about their users, but are more interested in stifiling rivals. Wait, this is no patent infringement issue, they attacked Vonage, and now stand by as they slowly bleed to death while offering no altenative leverging this awesome technology that Vonage somehow stole? I don't get it.

Vonage has simil-u-ring. It allows multiple phones to be called when someone calls your Vonage line. You can interceipt your home phone calls in no time. Vonage has voice email. If you have never experienced voice email, you need start a Vonage account just to try it out. I get wav files in my inbox when someone leaves a message. Better yet, I get an email when anyone calls. All are forwarded to my gmail address and with gtalk running, I am immediately notified when anyone is calling my home. It gives me the wonderful opportunity to terrorize telemarketers while I'm at work. Too much fun.

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