JustBats.com & BeAPro.com Google Checkout Case Study Published

A few months ago, my Google Checkout contact called me and asked about publishing a case study for JustBats.com and BeAPro.com. After accepting the offer, I received a questionnaire via email. There were questions about my experiences with Google Checkout and Google Product Search and it was roughly four pages. I closed my office door and began thinking about all the questions while jotting down notes. Bam! Then it hit me, this is a Google case study so it should be witty and cleaver, so I decided to have tons of fun writing my answers. I'm far from witty and cleaver so I needed to dig deep to find something different from all the humdrum. I couldn't really add ROFL or LOL, but, at times, I felt like it - in a serious way.

The writers at Google came back with a rough draft within a month. It needed a bit more work, so back to the drawing board. After a few revisions, the final product can back well done and employs a baseball theme that's a grand slam! Good job Google. It was a pleasure working with everyone to make this case study a reality. Here's a link to the page - http://checkout.google.com/seller/casestudies/justbats.html