Website Updates

We've had some major traffic on the website lately and are becoming increasingly excited about our new system. It's almost as exciting as what I'm doing right now. Watching Rush, live in concert, on my HD system. Wow, Xanadu into Working Man. Rush rocks! Ok, back to the site. We have decided on some changes and prioritized updates so I expect to finish up in a few weeks. For now, we have started on a vendor section that has some really unique content. Here's a sneak peak of the landing page.

As you can see, all the vendor logos are displayed along with a nav list. Clicking on the logo or link provides a detail page about that vendor. We have most of that content ready so it will be available soon.

After five days of being "live", we are experencing thousands of sessions a day and we're listed in google, yahoo, and live. The Googlebot was first to arrive but last to return us in the SERPS. We've noticed the RSS feed is beginning to be checked more often, as it's the second most popular webpage we are serving. Browser stats - 85% IE and 6% Fireox users. I thought firefox was gaining ground on IE. I guess not. Noticed some safari users, too. Hi, Apple guys. As long as you want a bat, we don't care which browser is used. :>)