More New Features

Greetings! We've added several new features to some of our sites that we are very excited about. Over the past few months our talented staff took a glove care kit idea and created a kit system unlike anything that's currently available.

As you can see in the photo to the left, there are many items included in the kit. Sponges, glove oil, rubber bands, shaping ball, wooden mallet, "The Perfect Glove" brochure, and a large-sized bag. We are selling the product for $29.95. Since it went only just a few days ago, we have already sold seven kits. Here's a direct link to the kit - Glove Care Kit. Check it out and let us know you think think about the kit.

Our deal-of-the-day site, is exceeding expectations. We are very excited about the traffic we are receiving, especially from these deal-of-the-day trackers like:

Recently, we added a new feature to to leverage selling points of our deals. We added a selling points UI element to the page directly below the title of the item. This allows us to sum-up the sweetness of a deal in one sentence. Here's a screen shot of the new element.