Google and Sprint WiMax (Updated)

A few days ago, a news release appeared on Sprint's website about a new "working" relationship with Google on a new WiMAX mobile project. A few days prior to that, there was an article interviewing Vint Cerf in which he described what Google might do with the wireless spectrum the are trying to buy right now. Wait, there's more. AT&T isn't happy about Google's plan to bid on the 700MHz wireless spectrum. AT&T cares because they own everything and their business model is about to be disrupted.

T-1000 is funny, but it's no joke. Other countries have far superior mobile networks in the from of 3G. Our mobile providers are notorious for removing functionality from phone sold in the US. Thus, dumbing them down to work on the US networks. We really need something to shake the wireless market up. If we are ever going to show the world we are the most technically innovative, we must invest in competition. I say let Google buy the wireless spectrum. Let them implement systems and provide more competition. Let's start utilizing all the dark fiber that exists. Let's just see if they can do it better. Wait. They will do it better.

Tuesday evening, the FCC raised the price to 10 billion.