Internet Retail 2007 Swag

What an awesome time was had at this year's Internet Retailers conference in San Jose. I'm always looking for unique swag to take home. This year was no exception. Tom Dickson, from Blendtec, was on the elevator in my hotel with a rake in his hand and I immediately recognized him. The rake sort of gave him away. I stopped and talked for a bit and he pulled out a limited edition DVD of all the blendtec videos and behind-the-scenes footage from the blend sessions. I pinched myself - yep it was really happening. Here's a pic of Tom blending the rake on stage.

Second on the list is the awesome Hacker Safe wine Neal handed over when I inquired about it. Here's some pics.

And last, but not least, was the Google Checkout booth with free key chains. The Google Checkout sales-people (Women) were also very nice to talk to. Here a pic of the key chain.