IVR List Should Be Eye-Opener For Corporate Execs

I've come across several angry posts on blogs lately about corporate execs being overpaid. Do these execs have their customers or shareholders best interest at heart? This list published over at gethuman.com, shows phone numbers and codes for contacting customer support at large, fortune 500, companies. What does all this mean?

People want to talk to people, not machines. Humans are so hell-bent at doing this that they have developed a site to show other humans "the codes." Corporations place IRV systems on phone lines to direct calls and save money. How much are they saving when customers share data on how to "break-in" to customer service? When customer service reps do not have the power to address any issue the customer has, it's not customer service. Talking to a machine is not customer service. When are the corporate execs going to get it?