Google Phone in Development Codenamed "Switch"

Google seems to be building a cell phone that could be free to use in public WiFi zones and might cost for network access when away from WiFi that would be bundled with Google Applications. I'm sure there would be ads too. However, the prospect of a cell phone that makes calls for free should send shivers down the spines of cell phone providers. Especially the ones who stifle technology while trying to protect their business model. I say - good day to you.

Even more interesting is that this is not new news. It was reported in early 2007 on engadget. Then the rumor was reported by the executives at Google to be true a few months later. So they are buying a wireless spectrum and building a phone. The writing is on the wall AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc. Innovate or lose. Google is.

Absolutly amazing. Here's a photo. (Probably shopped)

Photo from ZdNet.