Winnetonka High School Website Goes Live

I'd like to thank Jake D. Johnson for his fine artistry, for making an awesome javascript library, and Marla Walker for her clear direction in making this redesign a reality. As Jake put it in his blog,

After 1.5 months of development, the new Winnetonka website is now live and indisputably one of the most advanced public school websites in the nation. 280+ pages of content. Weekly videos from WGTV, the school's student-produced broadcasting station. Dynamically imported community news from Google News RSS. Interactive polling; calendar integration; Google Maps; animated content boxes; hotkeys; RSS feeds; podcasts; AJAX sports rosters/schedules; Flash MP3 player; hundreds of improvements to the backend. Design based off Staley High -- recolored and CSS improvements. Best viewed in IE7/Firefox. Produced by 5 Star Net.

I can't say it any better. Here's a screen shot of the website.

Winnetonka High School Kansas City Missouri