New Testimonial System At

The Fall Season ushers in change everywhere, even on the ball field, or in this case, at the Baseball Bat and Softball Bats supplier, Our research shows customers trust what other customers say more often than not, so it's wise to offer testimonials, especially on a products or services online site. We have done that for several years on, but recently decided, to offer some new display options on the testimonial page to make it easier to dig into thousands of records of data in a more visual fashion.

We added the state to each testimonial along with certain tags to help differentiate each one by shipping, customer service, product selection, and low prices, so searching by testimonial type is now a possibility. We gathered some photos sent to us from customers about their " Experience" and placed them in a photo scroller. We added an interactive map so selecting a state, to see testimonials from your area, is as easy as hovering over a state and clicking. Finally, we made it easier to send us your suggestions by placing a feedback form on the testimonials page.

Hope you enjoy the new testimonials on

Screen shot below: