Single-Malt Gerber and HEMP

Michael Gerber, the e-Myth Series author, was in Kansas City on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Helzberg Entrepreneur Mentoring Program or (HEMP). My business partner is a big fan of Michael and has seen him about five times at corporate seminars all over of the United States. He went to see Michael at the HEMP seminar at the Kauffman Foundation, and later at the book signing, found out Michael wanted to see our office, have dinner, and watch some jazz. They picked up Michael at his hotel in a limo and left for the office. Michael toured our distribution center and offices and was making business suggestions all the time. I don’t think he shuts down. They headed back downtown to Jardines, a local Jazz House, for a drink and some music. The Majestic 7, a brass ensemble, was playing. Five of the musicians were sax players, and since Michael is a sax play player himself, he must have enjoyed the wall of sound coming from saxes. Best of all, my friend Carl Bender was rocking down the house on baritone-saxiphone. The band must have got them thinking “Majestic” because they went to the Majestic Steakhouse and completed the night with dinner, and scotch - single-malt of course.

The next morning, Michael, who has a conference call to his fans every morning, spoke of his fun night in KC with everyone on the call. It was great being part of that.

From Wikipedia about the e-Myth series.

E-Myth in the business vernacular refers to the Entrepreneurial Myth, and refers to the fact that most businesses fail because the founders are technicians that were inspired to start a business without knowledge of how successful businesses run.

The mythic and often disastrous assumption is that people who are experts regarding technical details of a product or service will also be expert at running that sort of business. Many small business owners eventually realize that just as they had to learn their technical skills, they have to learn business growth and management skills.

E-Myth is also used as a verb, i.e., to 'E-Myth your business' means to build internal systems that control processes as they do in a franchise operation, so that results are predictable. A result of systematizing workflow is that owners are freed from most daily operations to spend more time on strategic issues. The methodology was first articulated in the 1985 book The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber who has since founded an organization called E-Myth Worldwide that promotes subsequent E-Myth publications as well as speaking events for Gerber.