Bat Wizard Goes LIVE!

In an effort to make ordering bats online as easy as possible, 5 Star Net, in conjunction with Pro Athlete, has developed an online softball bat wizard for With softball bats, there are two totally different worlds; fastpitch softball bats and slow pitch softball bats, which required us to provide separate paths for the user depending on which type of player they are or player they are buying for.

To begin, the user is asked questions about the height, weight or age of the player, which it used to calculate length to weight ratio. Length to weight selection is essential to optimal batting. Too heavy, and the player is swinging late. Too light, and the player is too early. The wizard knows that children grow at different rates, so it assists the user by providing some educational informational about this.

Once we gather the player data, the wizard then asks questions about material type. There are three material types which softball bats are made of; composite, aluminum, and wood. Choosing a material type will further narrow the result set for the user and allow pinpointing of very specific bats.

Finally, the wizard asks the user about which softball association rule set they play under. ASA and USSSA are the most popular in United States, but we also include the ISA, ISF, and NSF to round out the list. The user can also select from a price range and check only which brand they wish to see, if they have a brand preference. That’s it.

The wizard compiles the results and sends the user to a search page with results targeted for exactly what they wanted. A link is stored in the “recently viewed products” section of the page which will allow the user to return to the wizard results. The Wizard saves times by making it easy for users to find softball bats for all types of players regardless of their knowledge or experience with softball.