Finding Trends With Google Zeitgeist

I normally do not pay that much attention to Google Zeitgeist every year it comes out. I normally give them my eyeballs for a few seconds, then move on. This year, something really jumped out at me. There were many entries that were foreign and I had never heard of before. Did I have my head that low to the ground? Here's the list.

sarah palin
beijing 2008
facebook login
heath ledger
nasza klasa
wer kennt wen
euro 2008
jonas brothers

Two entries are political. We had a presidential election this year, so that explains why they are on the list. One is for the oylmpics and since it only happens every two years, it's on there. One more sports related is for European football. And then for entertainment, we have heath ledger and jonas brothers. The remaining four; facebook login, tuenti, wer kennt wen, and nasza klasa were surpirising to me, since I've only heard of facebook. I had no idea what the other three were, so I Googled them. Tuenti is a spanish facebook, wer kennt wen, is a German one, and nasza klasa is a Polish one. Since four out of the top ten items on the most searched items list of 2008 are social networking sites, it's time companies wake up to the value. We expect to.

Here's a link showing how these trends compare to each other.