JustBallGloves.com Version 2.0 Released Today

The completed installation of JustBallGloves.com version 2.0 by 5 Star Net for Pro Athlete marks two major milestones in the conversion from our old system to new. JustBallGloves.com is the seventh system we’ve migrated and now we have only one more web site to upgrade. Secondarily, JustBallGloves.com includes new product review technology for baseball gloves never before available in any of our systems. Our product review section was growing (out-of-hand) and we attempted to solve that problem with a little technology including some ajax. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Other features include updated navigation and search, with filtering capabilities, a compare gloves option, resource guides, tons of vendor content, and hundreds of glove reviews, and thousands of new glove photos. In addition, JustBallGloves.com now offers Google Checkout as a payment option.

Here’s a screen shot of the new site.

I’d like to thank the following people for making this redesign work:

Time Warner – For taking away my telecommuting dreams by having cheap modems that flake on implementation day.

Mother Nature – For making sure there’s plenty of snow on the road to help keep me awake while driving to work after long nights of coding.

Dustin Carr & Kyle McDaniel – Pro Athlete employees who helped with the data migration and testing.

Jake Johnson – For providing creative ideas about the product review page.

JQuery.com – For providing a light-weight, power-packed javascript library.

As always, thank you coffee!

Enjoy the site!