Is the CAPTCHA a goner?

There has been some buzz lately about spammers cracking the CAPTCHA's at Live mail, and now, gmail. What are we to do now that CAPTCHA technology has been compromised? Jump up and rejoice! In the short term, we may see more spam, but it's about time to replace this "hackish" technology, especially now. I was getting tired of trying to read CAPTCHAs when I signed up for new services. Everyone has them and they are all implemented in different ways, which makes me want to scream! This creates a huge usability problem that everyone has had to deal with for years now. On the other hand, comprised technology opens the door for something new to creep in to our lives. What will the new technique be? Will the trend be site keys, like many banks use? It's hard to tell. Whatever it is, I hope it's easier to use than a CAPTCHA.

Here's a link to the original article.