New NKC Site Released Today

We are pleased to announce the new North Kansas City High School website went online today at This is the third High School site, out of four, we have completed for the North Kansas City School District to date. Here's a screen shot of the site.

North Kansas City High School

Just like Winnetonka, this site includes lots of exciting technology. One of the most interesting aspects was designing a distributed content management system for the district without the help of any server site technology. Normally, it's the server-side technology that's doing most of the heavy lifting. In our case, we had to think differently. The result was a client server application with built-in HTML editor and custom/configurable navigation (special sauce) that allows the multiple school administrators to only manage the section they are responsible for. Notifications are automated to the district change control authority to make work flow streamlined. We are very pleased with the results and we hope the district finds the site and application a necessity.