Staley High School Tour

I had the privilege of touring the new Staley High School today. In addition to a new High School on the premises, is the addition of a district activities center which includes athletic facilities, parking, and at another nearby construction site, a new Grade School. Spread out on 275+ acres the work site is enormous. The workers were busy like ants everywhere I turned preparing the building for the next school year. It was amazing to see such a amazing transformation from prairie grass to LEED accredited High School in less than two years.

One of the most interesting things I noticed about the school was the chairs in the classrooms, which you will see in the photos below. The chairs only support the small our your back, but prop you up in such a way to enforce good posture. There is no other way to sit in the chairs. Custodians will love how stackable they are. Here are the photos. Enjoy - Mike