JustBats.com 2.0


I've been a crazy working fool lately and forgot to post. Here's a little sample of what I am working on for release August 1, 2008. The image below is the new front page for JustBats.com.

Here's the product detail page.

Pro Athlete has been migrating websites to its new, Sports Product Management Software (SPMS) platform, for three years and moving JustBats.com will complete the project. The strategic move is aimed to allow Pro Athlete to deploy new .com websites quickly.

New features coming in JustBats.com 2.0:

Compare products head-to-head.
Product reviews (1,200 and counting)
Expanded search (Search for length-26.5)
Filtered search to narrow down selections.
Smooth, clean, cross-platform Jquery transitions.
Multiple product images
Multiple large product images for zoom
Bat pack section for special deals
Email offers
Updated receipt