Just In Time For School, Staley 2.0 Goes Live

In a few weeks, the first Staley High School students will begin attending this new ultra-modern school. Many things will be brand new, including the Website. 5 Star Net worked with the North Kansas City School District to complete version 1 of the Staley High School Website in 2007 which was designed to assist the North Kansas City School District in communicating with it's parents, teachers, students, and stakeholders about the construction of the school. On July 30, 2008, version 2.0 was deployed which will enable Staley to function like the other High School Websites operating in the North Kansas City District.

Some of these features of the our High School Package include:

  1. STTS - Integration of Staley's student produced TV station.

  2. Scrolling photos gallerys.

  3. Integration with Blackboard.

  4. Podcast player.

  5. Standards based web design that works in all browsers.

  6. District wide content manager to manage updates.

  7. Plus much more.

Here's an image of the new site.