Google Launches a Chrome Browser

Google is launching a browser, called Google Chrome, today. Apparently, Google Chrome was written by a Google Denmark group and based on Webkit. Is also boasts a souped up javascript parser called V8 that compiles Javascript. Until the download is ready, all we have is this comic ( that explains how Google Chrome is tab-based multi-threaded, which in thoery could, super-charge, internet browsing. The testing plan to use a "Chrome Bot" against the Google Cache is not a bad idea but how will a "bot" accurately determine if a page is rendered correctly?

In the comic, "a browser" appears to be busy making phone calls when it locks up on the couch.The home icon on "the browser" appears to be the one used in IE. Coincidence or subtle jab?

I'm all for something that makes jquery faster and Google Chrome, on-paper or in-comic, appears to be the best thing yet. We will see.