JustBats 2.0 Goes Live

5 Star Net announces the latest release, version 2.0, of JustBats.com went live September 4. Much work went into the new version to accentuate our mission of creating an awesome bat buying experience by making bats affordable and available to everyone. We've added new product features, like email a friend, multiple image views plus zoom, product reviews, bat packs, and a compare bats function. We did not stop there. We've updated our search capability to search by size, price, vendor, type, and other attributes. We even added tools to make these new features easy to use. For example, we now offer the ability to search by length and weight ratio or just search by length or weight. We also have a tool that enables users to slice and dice product reviews sorting them by average rating, price, or number of ratings.

We've added tons of new functionality in our back end products processing system in order to make tons of new bat packs available. In the past, bat packs were limited in the number of size options available. Now, we've added the ability for the customer to chose whatever which size they want. For example, we have a hornets nest, which includes three DeMarini Hornets, that, in the past, would come in pack with a 28", 29", and 30". Now, they are packaged with options however you wish. Want three 28's - no problem. What two 29's and 1 30 - no problem. Got an idea for a package - email us.

Keep the look and feel the same as much as possible. That's some of the feedback we received during our beta phase and survey in August. We listened to your replies and worked hard to implement new features you asked for, like length and weight search, while keeping the user interface as similar and easy-to-use as possible. We hope you enjoy navigating, searching, and the researching products capabilities of the new system as much as we enjoyed making them.

I'd like to thank our internal test team for making my life even crazier. I'd like to thank our image specialists for keeping the naming convention "pure" without too much turmoil. I'd like to thank Jquery for being so powerful at times it's hard to know what you're working with. My wife, for putting up with all my late night work sessions. Yahoo, for making YSlow. Mozilla, for making Firefox. Last, but not least, the site would not be complete without a big thumbs up to Jake Johnson for all his late night assistance and help. Thanks Jake! I owe you some lattes!

For all the technical geeks in the audience, we use Jquery for our Ajax. We are augmenting JustBats.com with a content delivery network in the next few months, so look for the speed to be even faster.

It's outta here!