Pro Athlete Newsletter Column #1 - Mike's Tech Tip

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Mike's Tech Tip of The Month

This Month's Topic - Hot Keys.

Hello. My name is Mike Kearns and my job is to write code here at Pro Athlete. I use a computer way too much, and as a by-product, I've learned to use many Windows keystroke combinations, often called Hot Keys, to perform tasks and
make my life easier. I'd like to share a few with you today.

The windows key, located between the alt and ctrl keys, which appears like a waving flag with four sections, can be used with many other keys to perform powerful functions. I sometimes refer to the key as the Bill Gates key.

Here are some examples:

Need to lock your computer - Hit windows + L at the same time
Need to open Windows Explorer - Hit windows + E at the same time
Need to minimize all - windows + M
There are many other hot keys built-in to windows.

Need to close your current window - Alt - F4. Need to shift between
applications - Alt - Tab - One of my favs. Are you in a browser and need to
go to a new site and your hands are on the keyboard - try Alt - L, enter the
url, hit enter. Ah, the beauty of the computer, there are multiple ways to
do the same thing. Let's try this again. In a browser and need to get to a
new site, just hit F6.

Not only do hot keys save you time, but can prevent RSI injuries due to moving
back and forth between the mouse and keyboard. I like hot keys so much that I
added one to When you are on ANY page and need to search just hit
ATL-S and enter your search words, then hit the enter key. Boom - search results.
It's that easy.

If you have some hot keys that you would like to share which make you life
easier, please email me at

For a complete reference, please see -