5 Star Net Announces FIVE new websites!!!

5 Star Net would like to announce the release of five, new North Kansas City School District Middle Schools websites including Antioch, East Gate, Maple Park, New Mark, and Northgate.

They were all redesigned to reflect the new web communications policy of the district which centers around these core elements; parents, teachers, and students. A content manager was deployed to assist the school-based tech coordinators so that updates can be made by each school, independently. In similar fashion to the High School sites, 5 Star Net worked with the district to enable student video broadcasting on each website. With the aid of video cameras, software-based visual commander, and some creative ideas, the videos can be produced and moved to the site all in one day. Other features added to the school websites includes photo gallery's, rss feeds, podcasts, newsletters, schedules, calendars, 6th, 7th, 8th grade team pages, all of which can be updated with the CMS.

Given the short time frame to complete, the four-month project required a dedicated team of professionals and a well-planned implementation process to ensure a timely completion. It didn't hurt that we recently worked with the North Kansas City School District on the High Schools and had all the administrative stuff already in place, yet this time, we really enjoyed getting the know the NKC team even better. So much so that we've created a top ten list.

Here's our top ten list of things to remember when working with NKCSD.

10. Apache, your case-sensitive nature is so far from perfect.

9. Darlene does not know 10 words.

8. Coming to a consensus can be challenging.

7. Jo will find you.

6. Marla bears a fine tooth comb.

5. The portal is real fast - at night.

4. Just edit the xml file Jo.

3. doc. docx, xls, pdf, rdf, txt, etc - pick a content format - I'll parse it.

2. ie6 lives forever at NKC.

1. Attention to detail never goes under appreciated.

Here's an image of Antioch middle school before the transformation:

And after:

Here are the remaining sites.


Maple Park

New Mark