Some iTunes Tips

Let’s talk about iTunes. It’s the source of frustration for many and I get many requests for “how do I” do x, y, or z with iTunes so why not list a few tips.

The first issue, how do I move my iTunes library from one computer to another? There is a backup iTunes library function built-in to iTunes, but it requires a DVD or CD recorder to be attached or installed. If you have many songs, this could take a few disks, which could take some time. For a faster method, find the “my music” directory in your “my documents” and then locate the iTunes directory. To backup, just copy the contents of the iTunes directory to a backup usb thumbstick or external hard drive. On the target machine, just copy of the files to the same location. This technique will work for re-formatting a hard drive as well.

How do I find album art or repair album art for iTunes? iTunes tune-up is a program that can be downloaded from here - , and once installed, will find your album art and reconcile it plus much more.

How do I rip CD’s without DRM (Digital Rights Management)? Using the built-in iTunes ripper will only riddle your music files with proprietary nonsense that’s overly protective for content duplication, so I recommend audiograbber, which you can find here -

How do I copy music from an ipod to a computer? Yamipod - is a free program that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Install and follow the directions.