Baseball Glove Wizard & Baseball Glove Reviews Added To Ball Glove Warehouse

You can always find a huge selection of baseball gloves on Ball Glove Warehouse, but now it's even easier to find products using the new baseball glove wizard and baseball glove reviews page.

Glove Review Page

Glove Wizard Page

The glove wizard asks simple questions while taking the customer through an experience to learn about baseball gloves, then targeted gloves are presented exactly for what the customer needs.  Price, brand, web type, position, age, game type are all taken into consideration when the wizard calculates results.

Also, we released a new baseball gloves reviews page that includes the ability review products by vendor and compare them head-to-head.  Reviews can be sorted by name, price, rating, or number of ratings.  Our custom solution allows the customer to remain anonymous while we retain control of publishing of content.  With over 2,000 reviews in the system, almost all of our 900+ gloves are reviewed.

Next time you are on the web and looking for the baseball gloves or softball gloves, please give the baseball glove reviews or baseball glove wizard pages a try.  We love hearing your feedback, so please send it to