Gets Some New Features

Greetings fans.

I'd like to let you know about some awesome changes we've made to  First of all, we updated the site to have a product reviews section and product reviews are inline with each product, so they are easy to find.  We've been collecting reviews for two years and organized them all on one page for you to use and assist in finding products.  To Begin, go to the Softball Bat Reviews page and select the vendor of choice and sort the results head-to-head based on price, overall rating, and number of reviews.  You can even see the product image, price, and all the reviews in one convenient location.  Since everything is ajax and xml based, it's lighting fast too, so you'll blaze through the reviews, find a bat, and with our next day shipping, have it by the weekend for the next "Big Game!"

If you're in need of specialized help, please see the Softball Bat Wizard.  The wizard will walk you through a series of questions and provide the perfect Softball Bat recommendations.  Our users have provided great questions about the wizard which has assisted us in building an even more useful tool, based on the feedback we get, so we encourage you to try the Softball Bat Wizard.

Shot of the reviews page

Shot of the reviews inline on the product detail page