5 Star Migrates To Square Space

Tonight, we updated our domain and made the switch to SquareSpace.com.  Just like using any new tool there is always a learning curve.  So far, we've been able to setup the site without too much work.  The blog import tool was a fantastic experience.  The photo gallery widget allows for custom thumbnails and SquareSpace does all the work to make them, you just upload images.  It's doesn't get any easier than that. 

Here's the wish list for SquareSpace after using it for 1 hour. 

#1.  Why must the ActiveX plug-in architecture be used just to send you files?  We can be religated to one-file-at-a-time, but can't FTP be configured.  Files should be transported in an industrial strength fashion on machines that do not support ActiveX and I don't know how they handle this yet on Mac in Linux machines.

#2.  How do we make our own SquareSpace widgets?  Is there an SDK or API?

#3.  The examples on the SquareSpace portfolio front page are bad-ass.  The templates provided seems limited compared to these, which means they, most-likely, customized it, so having more templates to choose from, from the beginning might be helpful.

We are looking forward to customizing our website using SquareSpace, so stay tuned for more updates.