A Brand New Way To Buy Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves on the Internet

Are you ready for the next-level experience of buying a baseball glove or softball glove on the web?  We are ready to deploy our new, updated website for JustBallGloves.com version 3.0 right in time for the holidays, but wanted you to have the first shot at checking it out before it goes live.  We've taken a whole new approach with this baseball website.  

First off, we've removed all categories and are using filters for navigation as you can see on the left side of the image below.

Selecting a thrower hand is simple, just select right hand thrower or left hand thrower in the left-side navigation at the top and the entire site changes to meet your needs.  If you select left-hand thrower, the system will find all left-hand throwers as you filter and when you enter a product page, the left-hand thrower is selected by default.  Filtering to find products goes beyond left and right hand throwers as we have expanded the filters to include web-type, size, price, vendor, and glove type.  Filtering is great for pro buyers, but those that are new to buying gloves, please use our glove coach for assistance.  

Our patent-pending glove coach will ask some basic questions about the player like height, position, web-type, price-preference, and manufacturer-preference while offering guidelines as you make your choice.  This makes the process of selecting a glove as simple as possible.  Even better, when ever the user is presented with a list of gloves, there are always filters to narrow the search.  On top of that, many sort options (latest, bestselling, price, and ave customer review) exist for further product results customization.  

As a sister-site to JustBats.com, JustBallGloves.com will continue to provide all baseball players with a one-of-kind website ultra-dedicated to baseball gloves and softball gloves.

There are so many new features and redesigned / optimized features.  For example, we now have only large image showing on our product detail page.  We've listened to your feedback and understand you want to see more detail.  We are not only going to provide more image detail, but will provide it in a way that is native tot he browser which is more efficient and less dependent on browser components.  We've added our questions and answers feature, so specific questions about every product are organized and listed to assist in the buying decision or if your a pro looking to answer user questions.

Product reviews are upgraded to include ratings now, so the highest rated review is what the user will see first.  We've totally simplified the ordering process by adding our well-known shipping options (same business day shipping until 8:00 PM CST) to the cart itself and we’ve extended the process by adding PayPal as a payment option.  There are now six ways to easily purchase a baseball glove or softball glove; discover, master card, visa, amex, paypal, google checkout.  The check-out process is an incredible one-simple process where shipping, billing and credit details are added.

We are investing in video, so look for multiple videos per product coming soon.  We work closely with the vendors to obtain marketing materials to make available on our product pages.  We’ll also have mobile version of JustBallGloves.com ready for consumption very soon.

We look forward to your comments.