The Ultimate Experience In Buying Baseball Gloves IS NOW LIVE!!!

We've taken the complexity out of buying a baseball glove and softball gloves and worked hard to ensure your experience is the best ever.  Here's what we've done to achieve that.  We listened to you before we redesigned our website and heard what you wanted.  Here's our response. 

Shop by anything.  We've totally simplified the process of navigating through the 1,000+ gloves we have in stock.  We used filters to make this happen.  You may filter by throwing hand, vendor, glove type, size, or price. 

As you are filtering through the gloves, we now have several sorting options:  low price, high price, best selling, and highest rated.  These two features make the experience of discovering gloves fun, fast, and easy.  

We've also considered those huge monitors and screens we know people use to surf the net.  We now allow you to maximize your screen and see tons of gloves.  

The updated the look and feel of the Glove Wizard and changed the name to the Glove Coach.  Expect the new Glove Coach to be even faster than before while guide you to the right glove.

Our product review page is some we are very proud of and we hope the resource makes it easier for you to find gloves.  You can now compare segments of gloves you are interested in based on review. 

In addition, you may also want to use the glove compare tool so you can see everything about the glove while comparing.  Compare page is very flexible, too.   

Returning to the home page now includes the items in your comparison list conveniently on the right hand side.


After you find the baseball gloves or softball gloves you desire, you''ll select the add to cart button, and you'll noticed our updated shopping cart page.  We've moved our world-famous shipping options to the cart page.  It's totally simplified in order to maximize your ordering experience.  In addition, we don't have a login to slow you down or to remember.  We've also added wildly-popular PayPal as a payment option.  Ironically, PayPal was the first payment method used after we turned the new site on.

The Checkout page has been simplified into one step now.  Validation issues are also very simply described easy to read.

If you navigate back to the homepage with items in your cart, you'll noticed we show you everything conveniently on the right-hand side of the page.  Simply click the checkout button there or select the cart at the top-of-the-page to checkout.

We've updated our testimonial page so now you can see how we rank.  We have some unique items on the testimonial page like having the ability to view testimonials by state or by value.  Values include Shipping, Customer Service, Low Prices, Production Selection, and Returns Process.  See how well we ship to idaho.  It's fun.  

The glove resource guide has been expanded and improved to include new videos.  We are expanding our videos as well, so look for this section to grow in the future.

Thanks for supporting and we look forward to your feedback about our redesign in the near future.