5 Starnet Now Offering Google Apps Migration Fast-track System

5 Starnet Communications L.L.C. is proud to announce that it's now offering a Google Apps Migration Fast-track System.  


Is Microsoft Office a pain for your organization? Is your mail server costly, limited and slow? Email is a service like electricity. Just plug-in and go. Can you get your email at home, without VPN, or on your phone? Switch to Google Apps and these problems will go away, plus, new features are available. Users will gain ultimate flexibility, email now in hand of experts, updates to software are automatic and cost nothing, document collaboration now enabled instead of document collision, training minimal since it's a Google-designed product, other features like Google Sites, Chat, Groups and the App Marketplace with third-parties selling Software-As-A-Service, and ultimately the organization will require less to do more. 

Check out
Google's cost saving page, then Contact us to get your personalized assessment.