5 Star Net Communications L.L.C. Joins Google Apps Authorized Reseller Program

It's Official - 5 Star Net Communications L.L.C. (5 Star) today announced it has become an authorized reseller of the Google Apps™ suite of communication and collaboration tools.  5 Star plans a phased rollout starting with its current customers who been asking for the solution, and then ramping up a fast track service aimed to decrease implementation time, increase adoptability using 5 Star's Adoptarank™ system to determine adoptability success before starting any project, and a solutions knowledge base for "cookbook" solutions to common questions with Google Apps.


Is Microsoft Office a pain for your organization? Is your mail server costly, limited and slow? Email is a service like electricity. Just plug-in and go. Can you get your email at home, without VPN, or on your phone? Switch to Google Apps and these problems will go away. Users will gain ultimate flexibility, your email now in hand of experts, updates to software are automatic and cost nothing, document collaboration now enabled instead of document collision, training minimal since it's a Google-designed product, other features like Google Sites, Chat, Groups and the App Marketplace with third-parties selling Software-As-A-Service, and ultimately the organization will require less to do more. 


The Google Apps reseller program along with 5 Star Net's add-on assurance services to improve implementation, and offer follow-on services, provides a no-risk opportunity to take your business to the next-level using Google Apps.  With the addition of Google Apps Marketplace, an apps store for your company, there's no reason your business cannot achieve its goals using Google Apps.  Contact us at http://www.5starnet.com today for your assessment.


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