Creating an Org Chart with Google Docs

To the land of organizational charts.  Of all the places i've worked over the years, organizational charts were not something I found on a company billboards very often, and when I did, which was rare, it would be grossly out-of-date.  The organizational chart (org chart) is an important business tool that shows who reports to who and displays a level of accountability.   I've learned the hard way, that the org chart is a powerful tool that should be leveraged by everyone, so why did all of these other companies fail to have one?  I think it's because of the dedicated resources needed in order to keep it updated.  

If you have 5 minutes, I can show you how to create, and update an org chart to impress your constituents, business partners, managers, or executive staff, let alone keep yourself well-organized and ready for success.

Open Google Docs, then select New Spreadsheet.

Enter the values in your spreadsheet that are depicted below.

Select Insert Gadget from the toolbar.

Add a gadget dialog.


Select the diagrams category.

Select the Org Chart by clicking the Add to Spreadsheet button.

Now, select your range.

View the outcome.

It's so simple.  Column A is the position.  Column B is the report-to position for Column A.  It's case sensitive, so be sure to pay attention to the name of positions.

Here's how to add names.  Enter the cell where CEO is named and change it to CEO - Bill Smith

Delete the gadget and re-add it, then select your range again.  I cannot get it to auto-update.

So that's how you can create org charts for your company.  I don't want to hear any excuses since it's so simple with Google Docs.