Biggest News of 2010 - Facebook Overtakes Google In Traffic

The most amazing news of 2010 came out in the last week.  Techcrunch reports HitWise ( releases 2010 browsing trends and Facebook overtakes Google as the most popular place for people to go while on the enterwebs.  Hitwise prepared us for this with this post from March 2010 (  Even if all the data may not being considered as SearchEngineLand points out, the trend is still something to be watching.

It’s interesting, because the shift that Internet experts have been taking about is starting to take place?  What shift you ask?  People are shifting away from pure search to find things and are going to contextual hubs of people to find things.  Let’s face it, all this social interaction is weaving it’s way into the fabric of all Internet users, and this news proves it.   

Of course, the news of Bing being added to the list at number 10 proved that search is not dead.  It’s still evolving.

Look for even more companies to showcase their name verses their  This trend started in 2009, and will continue in 2011.  Facebook is now offering more tools to marketers to allow them to display facebook-related activity streams, add like buttons, and facebook connect login on their, so look for the integrations to get even more deeply connected.