Great Opportunity To Geek-Out With The SEO's Of The World In Kansas City

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In the Wheat Room at Barley's Brewhaus tonight, many folks met at the most recent Kansas City Search Engine Marketing Association meeting to compare several versions of analytics software.   When I walked in, I asked, "Where's the geek fest?"  They laughed.

Steve Wright, Digital Marketing Consultant  from vml started the evening covering omniture.  Steve says he comes to viewing analytics from a staticians view.  Take for example, If you look at conversion through the eyes of one channel, but operate in many, Steve likened that to the following statement.  Given a family with multiple kids of both genders, and when someone inquires about them, you respond the hermaphrodite is fine.   Interesting analogy Steve.

The main difference I could ascertain is that omniture has a more refined user-interface and is built for multi-dashboard-style custom displays and reports.   Ben Douglas of H&R Block presented on Omniture and how HR Block leverages the tool.  There were no company secrets released, but Ben did discuss how H&R Block uses Omniture to make data-driven decisions.  Viewing the screen shots of omniture, I could tell the application interface is well polished.  Since Omniture is sold on a per-license basis, they can milk excess dollars from companies who need multiple users to access the system.  Steve recommended using the report email tool to get around this issue.

The second speaker was John Koehler, from Vizion Interactive, who was presenting on Google Analytics.  John mainly focused on the differences between omniture and Google Analytics, so you know what you are paying for with omniture.  Then, John discussed some of the new attribution features in the new version of Google Analytics.

There were many questions for each speaker, which I enjoyed.  However, even though the A/V equipment was great, the sound was not.  The speakers needed a podium so they could continue to see their slides, but view the crowd so their voice-level would sustain.  What really happened, is that the speakers viewed their slides while speaking which meant they faced the same way as the audience.  Some people in the back had to move forward, but once they did, we were back to the seminar.

Breht Burri spoke on the recent MozCon conference in Seattle, Wa.  There were many speakers he mentioned and pulled slides from.  Brett covered the best parts from that event.  Every month someone that attends a conference is encouraged to present.

If you are interested in Search Engine Marketing or just want to hang with some nerds and drink some adult beverages, then KCSEM is the right thing for you.

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