Google Drive Is a Cloud-Based File System Not a Driving Car.

Google makes cool products. However, Google does NOT know how to name products well. There's a long history of this at Google - Google Checkout - Google Wallet. Google Buzz - Google +. Froogle - Google Product Search. There's more.

Google Reader is not a reader, but more of an aggregator or place to store articles to read. Google Sitemaps was transformed into Google Webmaster Tools. Google Chrome is a browser. Google Chrome OS is an operating system. Similar name, but Google Chrome OS is almost non-existent in the wild and is beginning to differentiate itself from Google Chrome, the browser, with the new aura interface, but Google Drive will make Chrome OS much more usable. Confused? Be confused no more. Google Docs is now Google Drive. There's a new homepage for Google Drive

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For those who use Google Docs and are familiar with DropBox, then just think of Google Drive as the two combined with an awesome search over the top. For who are new to Google Docs and DropBox, let me explain. Here's a list of the Google Drive features is you want to dive in.

Google Docs allows you to create Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs, and Google Presentations or upload all your Word, Excel, and Powerpoint docs. Even better, upload anything. You can store it in Google Docs, now Google Drive. Google Docs also allows you to work together with others in an integrated fashion. Say goodbye to file contention on the network drive. It just works with Google Docs. In addition, you may print, export and convert documents using Google Docs, too.

With Google Drive, there is now a new sync tool that needs to be loaded on all your machines so files can be dropped then synced with your your drive account. When using Google services like Gmail and Google +, you can select your Google Drive account at the source of a file or files.

Don't let the 5 gig limit hold you back, since you can purchase more space as you need it. Google Docs administrators can purchase up to 16 TB terabytes of central storage on Google, for each user. Oh, but the price is $799 a month for 16TB.

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Don't let large files prevent you from sending email. Gmail has a new attachment option so large files in your Google Drive account can be attached to email and downloaded by all your email recipients. Google Docs in your Google Drive account can be shared with anyone. You can offer view or edit capability. All changes are tracked, so don't worry if you can to track who make what changes. It's all there.

Google Drive has a new smart tagging feature which allows you to tag items to be stored. This is a great option to keep all your photos organized.

Need to access your Google Docs with your tablet or mobile phone. No problem. Just download the Google app, login with your Google credentials, and all your Google Docs are available.

Google Drive is a file viewer, too. It can open 30 types of files right in your browser, including HD Video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files. Save files from Smartsheet, DocuSign, SlideRocket and other web apps directly to Google Drive.

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Google is known for it's search. The best feature of Google Drive is how flexible and accurate the search is. The search will find keywords, filters for any filetype, and even search objects in images or text in scanned documents. Very powerful search that Mac OSX or Windows 7 cannot touch. This is one of the most powerful features of Google Drive in my opinion.

Google Docs Collections are gone. They are now called folders. That's what I thought they were from the beginning. Collections was a bad name from the beginning. Thank you for validating my naming argument, Google. Fusion Tables can now be created in Google Drive. Fusion Tables are large public or private data sets which can be stored, retrieved, and queried in many ways. Fusion Tables have only been available in Google Docs for about 8 months now, but the amount of examples are growing fast.

Lastly, Google Drive tracks all changes or versions of your document. Need to go back, or revert to an older version of your image or presentation. No problem, just look back at all your revisions and select the one you need. There are all available automatically for 30 days.