Internet Trends - June 2012

Edison’s To-Do List - Does your to-do list lack lofty goals?  See Edison’s list.


Do you like Netflix, but find it hard to locate a good movie in the sea of movies on Netflix? is using data to help users choose a highly-rated movie.  The interface is simple and easy to use with sliders for rating and years range, and a checkbox to narrow or widen genre.  When the page loads, there are great movie selections already visible.

Mac App Store vs Native Apps -  I have to admit that I’ve found the Mac App Store an easy way to find software and download it quickly so I can solve a new problem and get some task completed.  Apple is now requiring the apps in the Mac App Stores to all run in a limiting sandbox.  What does this sandbox do?  It limits file access in some apps, updates are slower as Apple must review them, and less money goes to the developer.  With Mac Stores Apps, however, downloading a program takes less steps (especially if you already have an iTunes account with credit card setup), it installs quickly without any effort, and when you get a new mac, the apps can be downloaded quickly.  Installing all the software from disk takes longer.  Which do you prefer?

Google Website Optimizer gets folded into Google Analytics - Google Website Optimizer is a product that makes it easy to perform A/B and multivariate testing.  The integration with Google Analytics and a new setup wizard means Website Optimizer could be even more widely adopted.  A new feature will allow you to obtain email reports from Google Analytics about how well your A/B or Multivariate tests are doing. A/B testing, a simple concept to understand, is not easy to perform in the wild.  There is no steep learning curve, just choosing what to test and why starts with understanding your customer, product or service, and analyzing your landing page bounce rate.  Do not test many changes between testing.  Keep it simple.

Government APIs - When Obama was elected, there were very few government agencies and departments which engaged in social media and blogging.  He got that started, and now you can find all kinds of social media from Department of Homeland Security’s twitter account to the Blog on  Following executive order 13571 (building a digital government), Obama has now requested all federal agencies have an API.  The requirements are requested to be completed by all agencies in 12 months.  What new applications will be built on these APIs? There is even a tracker.

iOS6 - What will Apple borrow from Webos, Windows Phone, and Android to improve version 6 of iOS.

Have all your data in Google and need to move it - Try Google Takeout

I love  The idea of crowdfunding lures me in.  See which projects I'm backing.  If you are not, consider becoming a backer.  It’s very rewarding and fun being involved in the build process watching people make their creations.