What Successful Entrepreneurs Are Doing

For years, people believed the world was flat - they were wrong.  What if your phone had a dynamic physical surface?  From smooth to tactile and back.  Would it be more useful?  Tactus Technology thinks so.  See the new Tactile Layer™ technology from Tactus Technology.  Video below.

Warren Buffet recently bought 26 daily newspapers.  Why would one of the richest people in the world buy into a dying market?  Where citizens care about the community these newspapers can thrive, but there needs to be a balance between free and paid to sustain the business model. Here’s his letter to the publishers and editors of those newspapers.

It takes as much time to solve a bad problem as it does a good problem. And if you’re not working on good problems, you’re really wasting your time.  When I started my job my job out of college it was with a consulting firm called Cap Gemini.  I learned a lot from the people at Cap Gemini, but one of the best tricks I learned was to ask potential clients where their pains are. My goal, from there, was to solve them.  Serial entrepreneurs are not looking for opportunity, per se, but how to develop something big by solving a customer pain, which turns into an opportunity. Don’t waste your time solving phantom problems.  This article from FastCompany.com, describes some methods for digging up “real” problems to solve.

Are you trying to build a viral platform?  Ever heard of Pinterest?  They have exploded.  See some of the tactics Pinterest uses to decrease exits and bounces.

Is the plusification of Google driving searchers to other search engines like Blekko and DuckDuckGo?  Both alternate search engines have recently grown significantly.


Computers are getting easier to use, but the file system can throw users for a loop.  Some users do not care about /etc/bin or c:\.  They just want a way to get to their files, fast.  Steve Jobs was intensely fascinated with this problem as depicted by his video at the all things digital conference in 2005.  See him describe spotlight before it was released

A new Governement API has been developed by the Census Bureau and it’s in beta.  Get your API key and start developing.

If you still need proof that great customer service is invaluable and actually created opportunity, please see this article about the $4 million dollar support call.