Winning At eCommerce Product Reviews

Winning At Product Reviews - Just Remember CDSD


  1. Allow anyone to review your product. - You can always turn this off.
  2. Purchasers need simple, friction-less way to provide review for maximum conversion. - Inline form in email works best.
  3. Asking people to “help others” with their expertise works.
  4. Incentivize reviews at anytime, but at first it really helps momentum to create review content.
  5. “Be first to review this product” incentive.
  6. Amazon’s got a program called “vine” where they send products to customers for free, but they must write a review.
  7. Amazon touts the program as a method to showcase top reviewers, so there are requirements, but most can get it -
  8. Queue results for customer service / marketing teams - or outsource.  Auto-post could be disastrous.
  9. Profanity Filter / Skin Filter / Competitors Filter / Products Filter / Vendors Filter / Duplicate Review Filter / Similar Review Filter / Whatever you desire filter.  Just use filters.
  10. Must Q/A for other odds and ends - people are weird.
  11. Differentiate by tailoring reviews specifically for your product.


  1. Theme - Display everywhere with savior faire
  2. In product grid show stars.
  3. In quick view, show stars.
  4. Product marketing - show stars.
  5. On product page, above fold, show stars.
  6. Below fold, create clean review area showing summary, number of reviews, and scrollable list of reviews.
  7. Allow community voting.  Just allow one IP per product and obfuscate score to prevent gaming.  
  8. When lots of reviews for a product, don’t hide, overflow to a separate webpage page with buy box and canonical back to /product page.
  9. Create review tools using product filters that customers can use to slice and dice the products they want - use /reviews in the url to attract customers adding “reviews” to their search terms.
  10. Category landing pages need an aggregate rating for all product in grid - This is new.  


  1. Sitemap for content - Share with Google through webmaster central
  2. Submit product review feeds for PLAs -  -Share in Google merchant center
  3. Web site - markup for reviews, review-aggregates - Validate here -
  4. Off-site, use product comparison engines.
  5. When emailing customers asking for reviews, include other reviews for the same product - “See what others said”.
  6. When sending customers a marketing email, include product reviews in the email.
  7. When sending customers a marketing email, include highly reviewed, similar products in the email.
  8. Build extranet so partners can review their own product ratings, download results, and improve products on their own time.


  1. Create reporting system with criteria to organize and “filter” bad reviews for discussion.
  2. Meet with key product managers to discuss and fix problems with products.
  3. Meet with external vendors and suppliers to improve products.
  4. Review customer interaction with reviews on website using Analytics.
  5. Review KPIs