TurnkeySchool Rolls Out 21 Elementary School Websites For NKSD

Perfectly timed for the new school year, TurnkeySchool, rolls out 21 new TurnkeySchool elementary websites for North Kansas City School District.  Several monthes in development, and a change in teams, NKSD and TurnkeySchool overcame some unique challenges to deploy on time.  District rightsizing and reorganizing staff from one school to another became important priorities for NKSD that allowed the project team to heavily focus on the project.  TurnkeySchool and NKSD were able to stay with budget and deliver, on time, 21 beautiful websites that define a new bar in communication between parents, students, and the community, now and into the future.

TurnkeySchool.com, Started in 2010 by local business men, Jake Johnson and Mike Kearns, is a highly-focused school website manager that was designed to do three things very well.  Appearance - We make extraordinary websites which include an attractive, modern design with styled pages and professional mascot graphics.  Ease of use - simple easy interface for principals and teachers to use, but powerful enough for district-wide publishing.  Extensibility - leveraging of web 2.0 technologies (It's what the kids use) both internally and externally for allowing powerful widget functionalty.  TurnkeySchool enables schools in so many ways, get yours today at TurnkeySchool.com. 

Here's the entire list of extraordinary sites we designed for the North Kansas City School District.

Bell Prairie Elementary School

Briarcliff Elementary School

Chapel Hill Elementary School

Clardy Elementary School

Crestview Elementary School

Chouteau Elementary School

Davidson Elementary School

Fox Hill Elementary School

Gashland Elementary School

Gracemor Elementary School

Lakewood Elementary School

Linden West Elementary School

Meadowbrook Elementary School

Maplewood Elementary School

Nausha Elementary School

Northview Elementary School

Oakwood Manor Elementary School

Ravenwood Elementary School

Topping Elementary School

West Englewood Elementary School

Winnwood Elementary School 

Introducing Our Partner Site - TurnkeySchool.com

We’re proud to announce TurnkeySchool, a next-generation web platform for schools to connect with parents, students and their surrounding communities. With TurnkeySchool, we’ve strived to create a school content management system (SCMS) that’s flexible, easy to use and beautiful. TurnkeySchool is packed with powerful, time-saving features which make adding new content and updating existing pages just a few clicks away. It’s designed from the ground up to manage school websites based on actual workflows by administrators, teachers and students.
We leverage best-of-breed Web 2.0 technology as a core feature called widgets. During our research we found that students felt more comfortable with open, Web 2.0 technology like Facebook and YouTube than internal proprietary systems for sharing video and photos. Today we’re launching with over 20 widgets from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr, YouTube, SchoolTube, Scribd, PollDaddy, Yahoo! and Vimeo. Technology built-in to TurnkeySchool allows you to extend functionality from anywhere on the web, so the possibilities for your own school website(s) are endless.

One-Click Districtwide Publishing
When all of your school websites are set up, you’ll have the ability to update them with one click using the District Communication Center. This makes it simple to quickly manage pages that affect all of the schools in your district.

Publish Anywhere
You can leverage your existing web servers because our system allows you to publish anywhere via FTP. Schools powered by Turnkey run on any server and require no software installation.

School 2.0
Our goal is to bring open, Web 2.0 technologies to schools with an attractive design and affordable price. Starting today we’re offering annual contracts at $599 per school. Setup fees depend on artwork needs and are part of the streamlined on-boarding process.

We look forward to hearing from you!