Google Lawyer Speaks About Kansas City Google Fiber Project at KCSEM Meeting

Barleys Brewhaus

The Kansas City Search Engine Marketing group ( met tonight, 9/27/2011, at the Wheat Room in Barleys Brewhaus. Greg Kratofil, Jr. Technology Attorney at Polsinelli Shughart, and attorney for the Google fiber project spoke about all the details concerning Google Fiber’s implementation in Kansas City. Sure, there have been questions answered by Google about the details of this project, but this was a Google-appointed lawyer from Kansas City, proud to announce some serious opportunities, so I had expectations. Google fiber pricing details were discussed, Google fiber location ground-breaking was discussed, Google fiber features were discussed, and Google fiber dates of availability were all asked by the crowd, but a guarded, Mr. Kratofil, held solid and did not answer a single question.

Here’s what Greg did say, however.

Google is protective of their brand. I took this as if they are focused on game-changing technology. One element of proof is that Time Warner Signature Home program, which includes the new Ultra-Wide Band Internet, is now more frequently advertised in the Kansas City market. It’s clearly an attempt to lock customers into the Time Warner product, so Google fiber penetration is minimized. Several people I know already have the Signature Home service and love it. I still think Time Warner has room to grow.

There are many business opportunities in many different markets for Kansas City that Greg spoke about. For example, real estate, start-up, medical advancement, and a venture capital booms were heavily discussed. If the town becomes an incubator for start-ups, for what I like to call them (finish-ups), there’s no telling how many business consulting opportunities could crop up. There also needs to be a good mix of business coaching that’s available in the Kansas City area from marketing to financial expertise if we expect any traction with start-ups.

In 2004, North Kansas City started with the aim to draw in businesses with a ultra-high speed fiber-optic asymmetrical internet connection that was cheaper and faster than anything. has been down for maintenance for weeks now.

Google Fiber

Google fiber is not aimed at Business, but instead, aimed at home consumers. Google is an advertising company first, so that only makes sense. Implementing in customer homes provides Google far more doors for their ads to knock on.

Check out the Google Fiber FAQ, blog or email for the most current information. If you have a business in Kansas or Missouri and need a website, please sign-up for Google's free Kansas and Missouri Business Website Offering at In Missouri - and in Kansas -