The Next Version of JustBats IS HERE NOW!!!!

Customers, Fans, and Friends - thank you for your feedback. We've listened and incorporated many of your ideas and created a new JustBats buying experience for all your baseball bat and softball bat needs. Please see our site for your exclusive look at the next frontier in bat buying. We are asking for your feedback about how we are doing with the new, beta site, so please take a moment to click the thumb's up or thumb's down badges all over the website or complete the short 8-question survey at the bottom of the page. Justbats

We know you like our bat packs, so we've taken the process one step further. We still have a dedicated page for bat packs, but it now includes filter-based navigation for easier find-ability. Bat packs are also included in search results and bat coach results, so you'll always have them near. We've changed the product detail page so you can see all the bats in a bat pack in their original glory to help make a better informed buying decision.
Justbats product page

Our main product grid has also changed to incorporate our new compare features, and quick view, but it's also there to accentuate our custom product images that we shoot in house using a proprietary method. To compare bats, simply hover over each of the bats you want to compare, and select the compare button from the overlay. There is a limit of four bats to compare. Once you have them in your list to compare, select the compare link. This new method allows customers to highlight similarities which, again, helps customers make a better informed buying decision.
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We've completely updated the bat wizard and changed the name to bat coach. The bat coach is not just for beginners either, because we created a new "pro flow" for all the pro players out there. The previous bat coach would ask questions, but if you wanted to change one of your answers, it would require going through the entire set of questions. This was not acceptable, so we changed the questions into a breadcrumb-style display which allows them to be selected. This allows any answer to be changed, and then subsequently, wipes out the remaining answers. Results are returned in a small product grid as questions are asked, so users can refine their datasets accordingly. Even Bat packs can be toggled on or off in the results set.
Bat Reviews

Our previous bat reviews page only allows search by vendor, which was atrocious, so with the new bat reviews page, we've attached the same product filters; bat type, bat size, length to weight, brand, barrel diameter, and material to the product reviews. It's now super-easy to slice and dice your way to product review bliss so you can make a better informed buying decision. We've extended our customer testimonials system to the new site as well. This means, you may still perform a search for our shipping, customer service, low price, product selection, and returns process testimonials from people who ordered from your home state. See how well we ship to Hawaii, or see what our returns process is for people who live in Oregon. It's all there. Check it out. Still needing some help with making an informed buying decision? Chat with one of our experts using the "chat now" button at the top of every page. You may also review and ask product questions from the product page. See what others have said in our product reviews. Vote up or vote down the reviews which make you happy or sad. All of this can be done, right now, on the new It's totally designed to help you make an informed buying decision. The product page has been redesigned so that all the details are on the page when it loads. There is nothing hiding behind a tab or click. There's a zoomable image, alternate image and video strip and a downloadable audio file of how the bat sounds when it strikes a baseball or softball. We've streamlined our related-item formula so you can rest-assured knowing will always recommend quality related products. Once a customer has made a buying decision, we've made the checkout process even easier. After making it to the cart, the shipping options and multiple payment options are available. When choosing to use a credit card, we take the customer to a one-page checkout where the purchase details are captured. It's as simple as it gets.