Shopify First Impressions

Having worked at Pro Athlete for 16 years, authored much of the E-Commerce software, and then managed the team who released code, to then starting, where everything is cloud-based and Shopify is the hub - changes everything.  

Shopify is designed like no other E-Commerce software I've ever seen.  There's no server-install, database passwords, or firewall ports to open.  There's no credit card gateways, fumbling with scripts or code (unless you want to), or web hosting.  Truest definition to Turnkey E-Commerce software that I've seen.

It seems like every week there's some new option that's being pushed out for Shopify Merchants to use.  Some I like and use, and others I do not.  That's not the point.  I'm getting great features for my website and paying a small subscription fee.  It's like there's a team of programmers working on my site 24/7.  There's is a team, but they are working on the platform that my site resides and since it's all cloud-based, new feature installs are button-clicks away.  When I engage the button and click it, I get enormous value.  I know what it takes, in some cases, to write that functionality and I just installed it in seconds.  Not to mention, I get a little jealous knowing just how simple it's gotten to start an E-Commerce Store on Shopify now.

Security is a big part of E-Commerce software.  Keeping the bad guys out and making sure all credit cards are safe requires some effort.  As the bad guys get smarter and more motivated, the effort required to protected your homegrown business assets with a quarterly PCI scan takes more resources, and can become counter-productive.  Shopify absorbs that layer of security, so as a shop owner and retailer, I don't need to worry about that and can focus on more important issues.

Integration of software can be another huge resource hog.  Especially enterprise software where specialized consulting is required and fees are charged in the hundreds per hour. Shopify offers an eco-system of apps to make installing add-on's a fun exercise. When something comes up, there's a directory of service providers all around the world that specialize in Shopify Apps / integration and are there to help.

There were a few issues that I ran into while setting up and I needed some help.  I dreaded the unknown, and potentially expensive consulting fees.  That's all I've ever known.  After reaching out to a few experts in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, I found someone to help.  Not only did they help, they recreated a copy of my entire store, inventory, and accounting system to showed how to properly solve my problems.  It was an amazing experience because the problems were fixed so fast and the cost was unbelievable.

Email templates are refreshing in Shopify.  Why?  The templates provided are for all kinds of communications. Just turn the store on and they are there.  That in itself, is a huge value.  Then, tailoring them to your needs is just as simple and straight-forward as the rest of Shopify.  It's simple to add logos, graphics and HTML to the emails, too.

Lifting the hood in Shopify reveals a mature liquid scripting engine and robust, yet simple theming system. There's a set of hotkeys or admin keyboard shortcuts to quickly move between screens in Shopify.  There's lots of liquid scripting variable cheat sheets programmers have authored.  There's a Shopify API wrapper for about every modern programming language.  Once you create a private app api key and plug it into a program, custom code can be run against your Shopify store front.  

Shopify, as a software development company, releases some amazing open-source projects, too. Vino Pair uses the dashing software as it's visualizations at the Parkville Commercial underground cave location to manage operations.  There's many pre-built widgets that can be plugged-in and integrated with outside services for real-time data flows which makes this dashboard software expandable and versatile.

Cheers shopify!

Cheers shopify!, Where the Pros Go!

Introducing, your latest resource for everything baseball bats.  Created and operated by Pro Athlete, which also operates many other successful sporting goods e-Commerce sites, offers the largest collection of baseball bats available anywhere on the Internet. stocks over 1000 different baseball bat models from training bats, coach pitch bats, to the new BBCOR baseball bats. was designed from the ground-up using state-of-the-art technology and developed by a seasoned team of experts that leveraged years of marketing expertise and product catalog data to make sure your experience is the best around.  Why is that important?  Because everything we created on was to make your shopping experience as simple as possible.  We've done that by super-charging our product page with awesome product photography, sound-of-the-bat audio downloads, tons of baseball bat product reviews, and our new question and answers section.  Before you even get to the product page, you should notice all the awesome filters and sorting offered to make the process of slicing and dicing baseball bats for comparison and review.  We now offer barrel diameter, wood type, and shop by material filter types to further the process of narrowing down the tough choice of buying a baseball bat. product page in all it's glory.

Awesome image zoom capability.

Alternative images.

Tired of the sizing charts which have not changed in 30 years and still don't know what you need, check out the one-of-a-kind Baseball Bat Coach on  The coach will ask you some straight-forward questions, allow you to specify price, brand, and size preferences, while educating you along the way until the coach presents a set of bat results hand-picked based on the inputs provided.  Using the coach is a fun and exciting way to buy baseball bats.  

View of products - AKA products grid.

Need to buy baseball bats on the go?  It's never been easier with our new mobile website at  There you'll find all the same filtering and sorting along with the awesome photography and insightful user-generated content.  Checking out and never been easier with our one-page checkout process and multiple payment offerings with any credit card, PayPal, or GoogleCheckout, so please come to for your next baseball bat purchase if you're at your home computer or on your smartphone.  Buying a baseball bat has never been easier.

Mobile Site.



The Ultimate Experience In Buying Baseball Gloves IS NOW LIVE!!!

We've taken the complexity out of buying a baseball glove and softball gloves and worked hard to ensure your experience is the best ever.  Here's what we've done to achieve that.  We listened to you before we redesigned our website and heard what you wanted.  Here's our response. 

Shop by anything.  We've totally simplified the process of navigating through the 1,000+ gloves we have in stock.  We used filters to make this happen.  You may filter by throwing hand, vendor, glove type, size, or price. 

As you are filtering through the gloves, we now have several sorting options:  low price, high price, best selling, and highest rated.  These two features make the experience of discovering gloves fun, fast, and easy.  

We've also considered those huge monitors and screens we know people use to surf the net.  We now allow you to maximize your screen and see tons of gloves.  

The updated the look and feel of the Glove Wizard and changed the name to the Glove Coach.  Expect the new Glove Coach to be even faster than before while guide you to the right glove.

Our product review page is some we are very proud of and we hope the resource makes it easier for you to find gloves.  You can now compare segments of gloves you are interested in based on review. 

In addition, you may also want to use the glove compare tool so you can see everything about the glove while comparing.  Compare page is very flexible, too.   

Returning to the home page now includes the items in your comparison list conveniently on the right hand side.


After you find the baseball gloves or softball gloves you desire, you''ll select the add to cart button, and you'll noticed our updated shopping cart page.  We've moved our world-famous shipping options to the cart page.  It's totally simplified in order to maximize your ordering experience.  In addition, we don't have a login to slow you down or to remember.  We've also added wildly-popular PayPal as a payment option.  Ironically, PayPal was the first payment method used after we turned the new site on.

The Checkout page has been simplified into one step now.  Validation issues are also very simply described easy to read.

If you navigate back to the homepage with items in your cart, you'll noticed we show you everything conveniently on the right-hand side of the page.  Simply click the checkout button there or select the cart at the top-of-the-page to checkout.

We've updated our testimonial page so now you can see how we rank.  We have some unique items on the testimonial page like having the ability to view testimonials by state or by value.  Values include Shipping, Customer Service, Low Prices, Production Selection, and Returns Process.  See how well we ship to idaho.  It's fun.  

The glove resource guide has been expanded and improved to include new videos.  We are expanding our videos as well, so look for this section to grow in the future.

Thanks for supporting and we look forward to your feedback about our redesign in the near future.